Festival Grounded: Truth

Client: Pritličje

Solidarity, elimination of inequality and peaceful co-existence assume the existence of truth, and truthfulness as the value of public action. In the post-truth world, these assumptions no longer exist. The exchange of ideas based on the existence of reason, knowledge and verifiability is replaced by deceiving and lying.

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Those in positions of power often lie without legal or other social sanction. For example, truth, truthfulness, avoidance of deception and acknowledgment of error are not mentioned in the newly adopted Code of Ethics for Members of Slovenian Parliament. The Code stipulates, however, that at parliamentary sessions and when executing international activities, an MoP must be neat and dignified.

The ruling party-owned media, strengthened by the financial support of the Hungarian authoritarian regime, spreads lies about those who resist them. Social networks increase the reach of conspiracy theories, while platforms are placed in the role of arbiters of truth. The authorities are deliberately misleading the public and violating the law with impunity, taking experts into account mainly when they expect to benefit from it.

The disintegration of truth is associated with the rise of new technologies that accelerate the flow of information while relativizing facts and totalizing opinions. While they enable the sharing of truths of individuals and communities that form margins, these truths share space in a time marked by the erosion of political culture, ignorance, cynicism and vulgarity.