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Intimacy in the age
of artificial intelligence

What happens to the idea of privacy in the era of self-surveillance? What and whom does democracy serve in relation to the automation of justice? What is free thought in the times of personalised manipulation of thought patterns? What is identity freedom in regards to the ever increasing impact of our digital footprints on the financial and credit capacities of our political bodies? How to recognize totalitarianism at a time when corporations know more about citizens than states?

Festival Gorunded 2018:

Client: Pritličje
TamTam Mestni plakat leta 2018

Recognizing the complexity of the current situation, we strive towards literacy and the recognition of the role of artificial intelligence technologies, whose importance for economic growth is increasing in parallel with the growth of authoritarianism. For their smooth operation, artificial intelligence and robotics require big data that are importantly changing, limiting and directing our practices. While the pioneers of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are freeing up market barriers through enabling the legal subjectivity of machines or robots, it is essential to provide a platform for reflecting on the various interventions of machine intelligence into intimacy and spontaneity of everyday life.